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  Line Extruder

Best Nylon chip will be extruded to be nylon monofilament fishing line(nylon multifialment twine) . we running 3 sets new advanced extruder machines,the extruder power as 15kw,make all line thickness uniform,transparent softness and high strength,we still have profossional machines test strength normally, control the quality to ensure  international quality standard.

Our monofilament line strength is more than Eourope Standard as follows:

0.115mm Break strength 7N(0.71kg),Break tensile  :24%
0.17mm Break strength 14.1N(1.44kgs),Break tensile  :26.2%
0.20mm Break strength 21.2N(2.16kgs),Break tensile  :27.2%
0.22mm Break strength 24.8N(2.53kgs),Break tensile  :29%
0.25mm Break strength 34.2N(3.48kgs),Break tensile  :32.5%
0.30mm Break strength 44.3N(4.52kgs),Break tensile  :35%

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