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American cast nets,best quality,best prices
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Nylon monofilament cast nets,best quality,best prices.

0.28mm 3/8inch 8feet ,1.2lb/feet.lead sinker.we laso produce 1/2inch,3/4inch,8-12 feet,1.5L cast nets.

1.First we use Germany BASF material for line ,the line break strength all high strength.

2.We make all nets double knot ,double selvage,and add soft material,the nets knot so tide fix and softness,bottom mesh enough strong for lead.and use 2 times steam streched,first lengthway,then depth way,make all meshes open enough.

3.Normal cast nets jion nets parts from top to botton.we jion nets from left to right(4-6feet use 4-5pieces,8-10 feet use 6 pieces),the cast nets will open more than 50% than normal.and for bottom lead ropes,we use 2 rope sewing lead,the most important is every mesh we must sewing together with lead ropes.
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